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Thandai is a refreshing summer cooler drink recipe made during Indian festivals.This famous drink is traditionally prepared as an offering to Lord Shiva during the festival of Maha Shivaratri & the festival of colors,Holi.It is also known as "sardai".It is a cold drink prepared with a mixture of almonds,fennel seeds,melon seeds(char magaz),poppy seeds(khus-khus),rose petals,pepper,cardamom,saffron,milk & sugar.This thirst-quencher is tasty & cools you down.So let's start....


Whole Milk-4 cups(You can also use low-fat or soy or almond milk)
Whole almond-1/2 cup
Melon seeds(char magaz)-2 tbsp(if n't available,then use pumpkin seeds)
Poppy seeds(Khus-khus)-1 tbsp
Cardamom pods(elaichi)-10
Fennel seeds(saunf)-1 tbsp
Peppercorns(kali mirch)-8
Rose water-1 tbsp(you can also use 1/2 tsp rose essence or 1 tsp dried rose petals)
Sugar-1/2 cup(or adjust according to taste)
Chopped pistachio-handful
Saffron-few stands
Rose petal-handful
Mint leaves-hand…