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Mitha Dahi(Sweet curd)/Misti Doi is a popular dessert in the states of  Odisha and West Bengal. It is prepared by boiling milk until it is slightly thickened, sweetening it with sugar, either guda/gura (brown sugar) or khajuri guda/gura (date molasses), and allowing the milk to ferment overnight. Earthenware is always used as the container for making Mitha Dahi because the gradual evaporation of water through its porous walls not only further thickens the yogurt, but also produces the right temperature for the growth of the culture. Very often the yogurt is delicately seasoned with a pinch of elaichi (cardamom) for fragrance. Baked yogurt is a similar preparation in the west.


Evaporated milk-350ml or 1 can
Sweetened condensed milk-350ml or 1 can
Sour cream-250ml or 8oz(optional)
Plain yogurt OR active culture-1/3 cup
Sugar-2 tbsp(for caramelization)
Water-few drops


1-Microwave 2 tbsp of sugar and few drops of water in a microwave safe bowl  on high temp for 3-4…