Friday, October 4, 2013


KARUPATTI COFFEE is famous in southern part of India.Karupatti means Jaggery.In this recipe instead of sugar I used palm jaggery.Palm Jaggery is one of the best and healthiest sweet(instead of sugar) and is a good mineral source.


Crushed Palm Jaggery-2 tbsp(Add more if you needed more sweet)
Milk-1 cup
Water-3/4 cup
Ground coffee powder - 2 tsp (don't use instant coffee powder,add according to your taste)


1-In a saucepan take milk and boil well.After boiling add  the crushed palm jaggery (karupatti) and stir well.Remove from heat and keep aside.
2-Then in a saucepan take water  add coffee powder and boil well for 1-2 minute and remove from heat.
3-Strain well and add into milk.Once done strain again to remove impurities that might be present in Karupatti/Palm Jaggery.
4-Serve hot with cookies and enjoy !!!

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