Saturday, August 3, 2013


Posu(Konkani), Ginnu(Kannada), Junnu(Telugu), Kharvas(Marathi) is a sweet or milk pudding made from lactating cow’s milk.Usually it is prepared by the first 3 days milk from the cows who gave birth to calves. 
It is made from the colostrum's milk also called as the first milk and is a very popular traditional dish in the states of Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Colostrum milk is thick yellowish milk produced by the cows for a few days after giving birth to a calf. It’s very rich in fat and other nutrients.Here I made Junnu without using lactating cow's milk.


Sweetened Condensed Milk-1 can(14 oz)
Milk-2 cups
Black pepper-a pinch
Cardamom powder-1/4 tsp
Sugar-1 tbsp
Water-few drops


1-1-Microwave 1 tbsp of sugar and few drops of water in a microwave safe bowl  on high temp for 3-4 mints till sugar melts and takes a nice deep brown color.(after every 20 secs check on the sugar)

 2-Add milk and condensed milk,mix properly and let it cool down completely.

3-In a bowl whisk eggs properly and then add milk mixture,pepper powder and cardamom Powder and mix it thoroughly.Grease a steel bowl ever so lightly with oil.

4-Steam cook it in a pressure cooker on low flame for about 40-45 minutes.Remove and cool before flipping over onto a plate.
5-Flip it twice to bring it right side up.Refrigerate it and Serve cold.


1-Vegetarians can replace egg with 1 cup fresh yogurt.
2-Traditionally junnu is made by jaggery powder,but i didn't find it that's why i add caramel for colour.If you want then add brown sugar also.

 Mix 1 cup colostrum milk with 1 cup normal milk. Add jaggery or sugar and cardamom. Steam. This can be made in big bowl and while serving, cut into pieces and serve hot or cold.

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