Sunday, August 18, 2013



Potatoes-4 large(peeled and cut into very thin strips)
Cumin Seeds-1 tsp
Chili powder-1/2 tsp(or to taste)
Turmeric Powder-1/2 tsp
Dry Red Chili-1
Oil-4 tbsp
Salt to taste


1-Heat oil in a pan or kadhai,add red chili after breaking it in two pieces.
2-When the chilly turns blackish red,add the cumin seeds and allow it to splutter.
3-Now add potato strips,turmeric powder and salt.Mix well.
4-Fry till the potatoes on high flame for 20 seconds and then on low flame till tender.
5-Add chili powder to taste and stir properly for 1 minute,put off the flame.
6-Serve hot with freshly prepared rice and dal or odiya pakhal or chakuli pitha.
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