Sunday, June 2, 2013



Ripe Mango-2
Apple-2 small
Banana-1 large
Orange-3 (i used navel oranges)
Lemon juice-3 tbsp
Water-1 cup
Sugar to taste
Ice cubes--5-6(if desired)
Handful of sweet cherries for garnish


1-Wash,peel and cut apples in to chunks and keep ready,peel banana n cut into slices.
2-Wash,cut and scoop out the pulp from mangoes and keep aside.Cut oranges & squeeze juice and keep ready.
3-In a blender first blend apple to a smooth puree then add banana to it and run for few seconds.
4-Then add mango blend it for another few seconds and lastly add orange juice,lemon juice,water,sugar and ice cubes and blend it till smooth.
5-Now your mixed fruit Mango juice is ready.Garnish with some red cherries and serve chilled.

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