Sunday, March 3, 2013


Qubani ka meetha is an Indian dessert made from dried apricots originating from Hyderabad, India.
It is a common feature at Hyderabadi weddings, Qubani is Urdu for apricot.
It is believed that apricots were introduced to the subcontinent by Central Asians.


Dried Apricots(Qubani)-250gm
Sugar-3/4 cup
Thick Cream/Custard/Unsweetened condensed milk for serving


1-Wash and soak the dried apricots overnight in a deep bowl.
2-Next day,slit the sides of the swelled up apricots to remove their seeds.
3-Put the slit apricots into a non-stick pan with the soaking liquid.
4-Add sugar after ten minutes and continue to boil till sugar dissolves.
5- Once the done, let it cool down. (You can even pressure cook for speedy cooking).
6-When the apricots are cool,pour half of it into a blender and blend till pureed.
7-Simmer the puree with the reserved whole apricots till it has become thick and pasty in consistency.
8-Switch off the gas and garnish with Thick Cream/Custard/Unsweetened condensed milk.
9-Chilled it in the refrigerator and serve.

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